Hello, it's Taylor.

I want to grow your business.

About Me

I’m an experienced Marketing Professional based in St. Louis, Missouri. For more than ten years, I have helped small businesses grow their customer bases and expand their revenue streams through customized marketing strategies.

What are your long-term goals? What are your biggest challenges? What are your primary revenue streams? Let’s meet them. Let’s overcome them. Let’s grow them.

I know how marketing can help you accomplish these goals. I don’t just want to make you a pretty website. (It will be.) I want to grow your business.

A well-made website increases conversions, improves customer experiences, and strengthens the connection between your brand and audience. With my unique blend of creativity, technical expertise, and practical experience, I will build a website that stands out from your competition.

My comprehensive branding services will elevate your identity. Whether you require a captivating logo or compelling messaging, I will align my approach with your needs.

With proven expertise and a diverse portfolio, I create visually compelling graphics that elevate your brand. I have a keen eye for detail and will capture your brand’s essence in every visual element.

Put down your cell phone and invest in professional imagery that inspires. I breathe life into your brand through skillful composition, natural lighting, and refined edits.

Once I thoroughly understand your business, I will create a plan tailored to your needs. If satisfied, you can make a downpayment to secure the start date. At the halfway point, you will have the opportunity to provide feedback, after which the second payment will be due. Once the work is complete, you will have two comprehensive edits to ensure the outcome meets your expectations.

Every project is unique. When determining the price, I consider the scope of work, number of deliverables, and available resources like photos, videos, and design elements. With lower overhead costs than an agency, I can produce quality work at a more affordable price. I provide transparent and reasonable estimates based on your vision and budget.

Start dates are influenced by my current workload and the scope of your project. After discussing your goals, requirements, and budget, I will propose a timeline for your work. If this timeline meets your needs, make a downpayment to secure the start date.

Before we begin, I want to explore your business’s history, challenges, and goals. I will also request your existing logos, color palettes, and fonts, as well as any photographs or videos that will enhance the finished product. Throughout the process, your timely feedback will ensure your vision is accurately represented.