Assorted I’ve contributed to a diverse array of projects, each with unique challenges and rewards. Regardless of size and complexity, I approach each one with the same commitment to quality and meticulous attention to detail. Project Branding and Graphic Design Year 2012 – Present 01. RSVP I created this branding for a client exploring the […]

Hi-Pointe Soul Revue

Hi-Pointe Soul Revue Drawing inspiration from the rich tapestry of American rock, soul, and blues, Hi-Pointe Soul Revue delivers timeless, funky beats that keep audiences on their feet all night long. My objective was clear – to create a visual identity that seamlessly mirrors this musical journey. The brand is as classic as the melodies […]

PRP Properties

PRP Properties PRP Properties is Paul and Rebecca Presson, a dynamic couple who have embraced their calling as rehabbers. Their story is quintessential St. Louis: fueled by a shared love for our city’s historic homes, they transformed their passion into a thriving business. With unrivaled dedication, Paul and Rebecca breathe new life into well-loved properties, […]

Climb So iLL

Climb So iLL As the driving force behind the development of Climb So iLL’s brand, I brought a fresh perspective that propelled the entire industry forward. Climb So iLL quickly became more than a climbing gym — it became a vital space that fosters growth, connection, and endless possibilities for climbers of all levels. With […]