Platinum Climbing

Let’s sell some books.

But first, let’s establish your offering. You host workshops that provide climbing gyms with pre-designed programming, member engagement opportunities, potential retail sales, and quality marketing materials. These are valuable resources that reinforce what you can do for them, not the other way around.

These resources help you achieve three crucial goals. First, they help you develop relationships with climbing gyms. Second, they help you build trust and loyalty among their members. And finally, they help establish your brand and create fans. As a result, they serve the ultimate goals of securing orders from retail shops and generating consistent online revenue.

To achieve these goals, creating resources for each stage and stakeholder is crucial. By developing a professional media package, pre-made marketing content, and a website that reinforces your message while enabling gym managers and potential customers to engage with your products, we are laying the groundwork for success. These components come together to create a holistic marketing strategy.

Tell a compelling story.

  • Make the problem relatable.
    • How do I improve as a climber?
    • Where can I find a reliable training resource?
    • How do I develop my training routine over time?
  • Provide a clear solution.
    • “I have asked the same questions and used my experience to create these resource for you.”
    • Sign up for a workshop and purchase a book to take the next step.

Make a compelling offer.

  • How do you solve problems for gyms?
    • You offer valuable programming opportunities.
    • You improve member retention by helping climbers engage with each other and develop skills.
    • You generate retail sales.
    • You provide attractive marketing resources.
  • How do you solve problems for climbers?
    • You provide trustworthy, approachable content.
    • Your framework produces results and can be modified for each stage of their climbing journey.
  • The climbers are the heroes in this story. You are helping them realize their potential.

Build the brand.

  • Level 1 Goals
    • Develop relationships with climbing gyms.
    • Build trust and loyalty with their members.
    • Create fans of your brand who will spread the word.
  • Level 2 Goals
    • Secure orders from retail shops.
    • Generate consistent online revenue.



The goal with media creation would not be to create a one-time marketing piece. Instead, we would develop an archive of useful content that can be used in various capacities. This content could be utilized on your website, social media, and promotional materials in various combinations.

  • Create photos.
    • Solo Training
    • Group Training
    • Mock Workshop
    • Climbing
  • Create videos.
    • Solo Training
    • Group Training
    • Climbing
  • Develop a cohesive branding package.
  • Design workshop signage.
    • Deliver the pitch and generate excitement.
    • Items
      • Posters
      • Digital Slides
  • Design post-workshop signage.
    • Provide simplified informational content that can be displayed in training areas.
    • Items
      • Posters
      • Digital Slides
  • Design social assets.
    • Use focused messaging and compelling media to generate excitement for workshops.
    • Items
      • Stories
      • Posts
      • Reels
  • Design stickers.
    • Climbers love free stickers, unreasonably so, and water bottles are a walking advertisement. 
    • Develop a series of fun, unique, and relatable graphics with subtle branding.
  • Establish the narrative.
    • Tell the story.
    • Reinforce the messaging from your book and workshops.
    • Provide a preview of the content.
  • Request a workshop.
  • Purchase books.


Phase 1

  • Estimated Time: 1 Month
  • Components
    • Discovery
    • Strategy

Phase 2

  • Estimated Time: 3 Months
  • Components
    • Photography
    • Videography
    • Design

Phase 3

  • Estimated Time: 3 Months
  • Components
    • Website

Thank you for taking the time. While a new website alone will be beneficial, I ultimately want to help you succeed. I believe this holistic approach can do that. I look forward to talking more and helping however possible.