I’ve contributed to a diverse array of projects, each with unique challenges and rewards. Regardless of size and complexity, I approach each one with the same commitment to quality and meticulous attention to detail.


Branding and Graphic Design


2012 – Present

Assorted header logo.

01. RSVP

I created this branding for a client exploring the dynamic cannabis market. The vibrant visual identity is a reflection of the indulgent experience offered by their products.

The centerpiece of this branding is the logo. With its playful typography, it exudes a sense of joy and whimsy that aligns with the brand’s personality. It’s more than a name; it’s an invitation to explore.

Accentuating the typography is a palette of bright, bold colors. These hues are a deliberate reflection of the feelings evoked with each dose. They radiate energy, excitement, and a promise of a unique sensory journey.

RSVP logo type.
RSVP rise package.
RSVP rest package.
RSVP logo mark.

02. Built

For Built, a company at the forefront of modern construction, I created a rejuvenated visual identity. This updated aesthetic embodies their innovative and forward-thinking ethos.

I transformed the logo by introducing contemporary typography that speaks to both the brand’s modernity and commitment to precision. It’s a representation of Built’s cutting-edge approach in a fast-evolving industry.

To complement this, I developed bold yet refined graphic elements. These serve as visual anchors, adding depth and dimension to the brand while reinforcing its authority and sophistication.

I also introduced a fresh color palette curated to reflect Built’s vibrancy and progressive spirit. These colors infuse the brand with energy and optimism.

Finally, these elements came together in the updated marketing materials. Each piece—be it a brochure, sign, or business card—now echoes Built’s approach, creating a cohesive and compelling brand narrative.

Built letterhead.
Built card front.
Built card front.
Built card back.
Built envelope.

03. BETA Fund

BETA Fund is a passionate advocate for the Midwest’s outdoor climbing resources. Through environmental advocacy, educational outreach, and community service, it strives to protect these invaluable assets for future generations. I had the privilege of translating this mission into a compelling visual identity that encapsulates their goals and mirrors their commitment to climbing access and conservation.

The modern typography at the heart of this identity reflects BETA Fund’s forward-thinking vision while the centerpiece of the design is the broken crag logo mark. More than an artistic element, it’s a symbol of the rugged terrains they strive to protect. A jagged line flows through the gap in this crag, reminiscent of a pulsating heartbeat. This represents the passion, dedication, and unwavering commitment of the organization’s work.

BETA Fund apparel.
BETA Fund rack card.
BETA Fund rack card.
BETA Fund sticker.

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