Climb So iLL

As the driving force behind Climb So iLL’s brand development, I brought a fresh perspective that propelled the entire industry forward.

Climb So iLL quickly became more than a climbing gym — it became a vital space fostering growth, connection, and possibility for climbers. With this approach, we served more than 100,000 customers during my tenure.

Every aspect of my work at Climb So iLL was driven by a desire to push boundaries and redefine what’s possible. The result is a vibrant community and a brand synonymous with excellence in the climbing world.


Branding, Graphic Design, Photography, Strategy, Web Design


2012 – 2022


Assorted Photos by Ryan White

Climb So iLL logo.

01. Branding

Climb So iLL’s brand seamlessly blends well-worn textures with modern design elements to create an unforgettable visual experience.

The bold typography, sleek logos, and distinct color palettes contrast the patina of the physical spaces. This juxtaposition reflects the climbers who bring these historic environments to life, creating a harmonious blend of past and present.

At the heart of the visual identity lies the iconic Gotham typeface. Renowned for its authoritative presence, it has been utilized in prestigious applications such as the 2008 Obama campaign, GQ magazine, and One World Trade Center. These influential brands mirror Climb So iLL’s substantial impact on the climbing gym industry.

Inspired by the nostalgic charm of mid-20th-century signage, the geometric characters of Gotham convey a distinct sense of progress. They also effortlessly stand out against organic backdrops, symbolizing the spirit of adventure that defines the climbing community.

Furthermore, the primary branding pays homage to the flagship gym, which was once a power plant. The logo mark and messaging encourage individuals to plug into a vibrant and powerful community of climbers.

Consistency is critical, and it permeates every aspect of the brand. The visual identity, brand voice, and messaging remain faithful to the business’s values and ensure a cohesive experience across all touchpoints. This unwavering commitment has forged genuine connections with the audience and built a lasting legacy within the climbing industry.

Climb So iLL sign logo.
So iLL Showdown logo.
So Fit at Climb So iLL logo.
Yoga at Climb So iLL logo.
The Bouldering Series logo.

02. Web Design

The Climb So iLL websites give customers a frictionless experience. Visitors are greeted with a tone and style that align with the brand’s mission. Whether they are young students, families, or professionals, the websites reflect their unique needs.

The visual design seamlessly integrates the signature color palette, striking images, and bold typography of the brand, creating an experience that resonates across all marketing channels.

The websites also feature streamlined layouts and intuitive navigation, ensuring customers can easily find information. Whether exploring membership options, discovering youth programming, or registering for a competition, clear paths guide each step of the way.

Behind the scenes, the websites are mobile-responsive, guaranteeing they look good and function well on any device. Load times are fast, providing instant access to the information that customers need, while security features protect their privacy and instill confidence in their interactions with the brand. Finally, the websites are fine-tuned to rank highly in search results.

So iLL Showdown mobile website.
Climb So iLL at the Power Plant desktop website.
Team CSI tablet website.
Climb So iLL landing page mobile website.
Climb So iLL store desktop website.
Climb So iLL at the Steel Shop tablet website.

03. Graphic Design

a. Print

Climb So iLL’s print materials demonstrate the power of a consistent brand formula. With every brochure, flyer, and advertisement, the visual aesthetic is instantly recognizable and captivating.

The designs revolve around bold typefaces and vibrant colors that demand attention. These elements infuse the print materials with an energy that mirrors the spirit of the gyms’ physical spaces. Gritty textures and large images transport readers into the climbing experience, evoking a sense of adventure and excitement.

The layouts are also thoughtfully crafted to balance empty space with relevant imagery and text. Each element is carefully placed to create a clean, cohesive look that guides the reader’s eye and conveys information effectively.

When you hold a Climb So iLL print material, you’re not just looking at a piece of paper. You’re experiencing the brand’s essence — creativity, inspiration, and authenticity. Whether it’s a brochure highlighting services or a flyer promoting an upcoming event, the print materials capture this spirit of adventure and invite you to join the Climb So iLL community.

Climb So iLL summer membership sale poster.
Climb So iLL prepaid sale poster.
Climb So iLL Gravity Lab pass poster.
Climb So iLL holiday sale poster.
Climb So iLL tri-fold brochure.
Climb So iLL tri-fold brochure.
Climb So iLL business card.
Climb So iLL business card.
Climb So iLL business card.
Climb So iLL business card.

B. Apparel

Climb So iLL’s apparel designs promote the brand while remaining stylish. They reflect the passion for adventure and pursuit of progress embodied in the climbing community.

The designs incorporate bold typography, making a statement that resonates with the climbers who wear them. Recognizable imagery and subtle textures create a cohesive look that unites the apparel with other branded items, forging a consistent brand identity.

So iLL Showdown t-shirt design.
Team CSI t-shirt design.
Climb So iLL staff t-shirt.

05. Photography

Climb So iLL’s distinctive photographs showcase the state-of-the-art gyms and incredible climbers who call them home. Each photo tells a story, immersing you in the thrill of climbing and inviting you to explore the possibilities that await.

The photography style couples dramatic lighting and interesting angles, creating visually stunning compositions that spark the imagination. The images exude excitement and inspire the community to push their limits. The photographs visually represent the brand’s core values, emphasizing the power of community, the pursuit of personal growth, and the joy of exploration.

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