Hi-Pointe Soul Revue

Drawing inspiration from the rich tapestry of American rock, soul, and blues, Hi-Pointe Soul Revue delivers timeless, funky beats that keep audiences on their feet all night long.

My objective was clear – to create a visual identity that seamlessly mirrors this musical journey. Their brand is classic like their melodies, smooth like their vibes, and timeless like the memories they create.


Branding and Web Design




Assorted Photos by Ryan White

Hi-Pointe Soul Revue logo.

01. Branding

Hi-Pointe Soul Revue’s branding perfectly encapsulates their unique style and sound. The logo exudes a distinctly retro flair that mirrors the classic undertones inherent in the band’s music. It forms the centerpiece of a bold aesthetic narrative. When paired with the vibrant color palette, the result is a visual experience that leaves a lasting impression.

Adding another layer of depth is the vintage typography, an homage to the timeless genres that inspire the band’s music. It resonates with nostalgia while maintaining a contemporary edge, much like the band’s sound.

Complementing this is the warm photography. The images chosen radiate a certain rawness and intimacy, drawing viewers into the world of the band. They capture moments, emotions, and the very essence of the band’s musical journey.

Hi-Pointe Soul Revue sticker.
Hi-Pointe Soul Revue sticker.
Hi-Pointe Soul Revue business card.
Hi-Pointe Soul Revue business card.
Hi-Pointe Soul Revue business card.
Hi-Pointe Soul Revue business card.
Hi-Pointe Soul Revue poster.
Hi-Pointe Soul Revue poster.
Hi-Pointe Soul Revue poster.

02. Web Design

Upon visiting the Hi-Pointe Soul Revue website, visitors are immersed in the vibrant world of the band. The expansive, full-width images set a dynamic and engaging tone, offering a visual taste of the band’s performances.

The website is designed with the user in mind, ensuring they can effortlessly discover the band. Crucial content such as music streams and live footage is readily accessible, allowing visitors to experience the band’s unique sound and stage presence.

In addition, the booking information is prominently displayed, making it easy for venues and fans to bring the energy of Hi-Pointe Soul Revue to their events.

Hi-Pointe Soul Revue mobile website.
Hi-Pointe Soul Revue desktop website.
Hi-Pointe Soul Revue tablet website.

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