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PRP Properties is Paul and Rebecca Presson, a dynamic couple who have embraced the call to rehab. Their story is quintessential St. Louis: fueled by a shared love for our city’s historic homes, they transformed their passion into a thriving business.

With unrivaled dedication, Paul and Rebecca breathe new life into well-loved properties, infusing them with charm, character, and modern amenities. They go beyond renovation; they create stunning spaces that will last another generation.

My approach to their brand, photography, and website was simple: Convey the heart and soul behind their work. Through compelling storytelling and captivating visuals, I showcase the transformational power of their work and inspire others to invest in the future with PRP Properties.


Branding, Photography, Web Design



PRP Properties logo.

01. Branding

a. Logo

The PRP logo is more than just a visual representation of the brand; it’s a powerful communication tool that encapsulates the essence of PRP Properties. Every element of the logo has been thoughtfully designed to convey the core values and unique characteristics of Paul and Rebecca’s business.

At first glance, the logo mark catches the eye with its captivating floral pattern. This intricate design not only adds an aesthetic appeal but also carries a deeper meaning. The floral motif represents growth, symbolizing the transformation that takes place in each of PRP Properties’ rehabilitated homes. It serves as a beautiful reminder of the potential and beauty that lies within each project.

The choice to incorporate stained glass in the logo mark is a nod to the rich architectural heritage of St. Louis. Stained glass windows are a hallmark of many historic homes, and by incorporating this element, the logo pays homage to the city’s unique charm and history.

Every curve and line within the mark has been carefully placed to create a seamless and harmonious flow. This deliberate arrangement mirrors the intentionality and meticulous attention to detail that Paul and Rebecca bring to their work. Just as they transform historic properties, the logo embodies their commitment to creating a cohesive and consistent experience for their clients.

To strike a balance between the old and the new, the logo mark is paired with a modern typeface. This combination of traditional aesthetics and contemporary design elements represents the convergence of past and present in Paul and Rebecca’s work.

PRP Properties logo.
PRP Properties logo.
PRP Properties logo.
PRP Properties logo.
PRP Properties logo.
PRP Properties logo.
PRP Properties logo.

b. Color Palette

The PRP color palette is carefully curated to evoke emotions and convey meaning. At its core, Dark Jungle Green takes center stage, symbolizing renewal and growth. This captivating shade forms the foundation of the PRP color palette.

Complementing Dark Jungle Green is the subtle green hue of Dark Slate Gray. This earthy tone adds depth and richness to the palette, perfectly harmonizing with the brand’s commitment to preserving the architectural heritage of historic homes.

To inject a burst of energy into the palette, Alloy Orange comes into play. This vibrant and dynamic color “shines” through the stained glass logo mark, much like sunlight piercing through the intricate patterns. The warm and invigorating nature of Alloy Orange adds a touch of excitement and enthusiasm to the overall brand experience.

Completing the PRP color palette is Platinum, a neutral hue with a hint of gray undertones. With its sophisticated and refined presence, Platinum brings a sense of space and balance to the palette. It serves as a versatile backdrop, allowing the other colors to shine while maintaining a cohesive visual aesthetic.













c. Typography

The typefaces selected for PRP Properties are an integral part of Paul and Rebecca’s narrative. They encapsulate the brand’s ethos, capturing the spirit of tradition, precision, and modernity that defines their work.

Cormorant Garamond, a classic serif, harks back to the historical charm of the homes Paul and Rebecca rehabilitate. Its traditional feel echoes the architectural heritage of these properties, creating an immediate connection with the past.

In contrast, Opticians Sans brings a contemporary touch with its precisely shaped and evenly spaced characters. This typeface mirrors the meticulous attention to detail that Paul and Rebecca bring to each project, reflecting their commitment to quality and precision.

Complementing these two is Open Sans One, characterized by its clean and compact design. This typeface is ideal for smaller text, ensuring readability while maintaining visual appeal.

Together, these three typefaces create a harmonious blend of old and new, much like PRP Properties itself. They represent the careful balance of preserving historical charm while introducing modern enhancements in each rehab project

Cormorant Garamond | Heading

Cormorant Garamond

Optician Sans | Subheading

Optician Sans

Open Sauce One | Body

Open Sauce One

02. Photography

The PRP Properties photography encapsulates the brand’s essence. Each image tells a unique story about the brand, capturing the meticulous attention to detail, hands-on approach, and personal connection that define Paul and Rebecca’s work.

Overall, these photographs reflect PRP Properties’ dedication to quality, precision, and client-centric service. The consistent photography style – candid shots, warm lighting, and focus on both the process and the people – effectively conveys the brand’s mission: transforming well-loved properties into beautiful, livable spaces while maintaining their historical character.

People measure a window.
Man measures a floor.
Four hands sort tile samples.
Portrait of Paul and Rebecca Presson.

03. Web Design

The PRP Properties website is a blend of approachability and professionalism. It’s a digital gateway that invites visitors into the world of Paul and Rebecca’s exceptional work of rehabbing and remodeling historic homes.

With an intuitive layout, the website ensures a seamless navigation experience for users. Clear headings and succinct information guide visitors through the site, making it easy to understand the scope of PRP Properties’ services. From discovering the passion and expertise that Paul and Rebecca bring to each project, to hiring them for a remodel or investing in a rehab, the user journey is thoughtfully designed to be engaging and informative.

The visual elements of the website echo the brand’s commitment to high-quality design and craftsmanship. Its messaging, color palette, and typefaces all work in harmony to reflect the essence of PRP Properties.

PRP Properties mobile website.
PRP Properties desktop website.
PRP Properties tablet website.

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